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Faith Based and Community Outreach

Travel with us to Jerusalem: The Holy Land Experience

Travel with us to Jerusalem: The Holy Land Experience

Travel Ministry

Our Travel Ministry is dedicated to assisting Faith Based and Community Organizations with their group or personal travel.   We will we help you plan, organize and execute your organizations business, wellness, retreat or personal travel.  Our travel ministry program will give back to your organization a direct donation for travel booked with our agency which you can use for your programs.  This capacity building opportunity is a way to reward your organization for what its members already do...Fundraise for your organization through Travel.

Travel with us to Jerusalem: The Holy Land Experience

Travel with us to Jerusalem: The Holy Land Experience

Travel with us to Jerusalem: The Holy Land Experience


Follow in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth and his Apostles as you explore the Christian heritage of Israel.  From Jesus' birthplace in Bethlehem to his crucifixion and resurrection in the Holy City of Jerusalem, explore the stories and scenes that set the foundation for an entire faith. 

Teach where biblical events took place.  Pray in spiritually moving places.  Explore places you have dreamt about.  Read and discuss the scriptures where they took place.  Share the world with your church members and other friends of faith.  

Join us, along with our first partner in the Travel Ministry, New Direction Higher Calling Ministries as we travel to Jerusalem for a Holy Land Experience in 2021.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you and give back to your organization and the programs and services which you designate.

A Powerful Resource for Your Ministry

Holy Land Experience USA

A Christian-based theme park in Orlando,  Florida, the Holy Land Experience features full-size re-creations of  Biblical scenes that bring the Holy Land to life. You’ll find a Jerusalem street market, Great Temple, House of Judea, Calvary’s Garden Tomb, Esther’s Banquet Hall, along with entertainment and story-telling.

Expand Your Ministry

Reason Why YOU Should Lead a Faith-Based Tour or Cruise

Train your church leaders the way Jesus did - by teaching and traveling with His disciples. 

Empower you sermons with first-hand knowledge gained from your travels.

Shepherd your church members through a tremendous time of renewal.

Become immersed in the values and traditions of the world Jesus knew.

Give your church members a new appreciation for your church roots and heritage.

Offer students and teachers of the Bible the ultimate hands-on learning adventure.

Strengthen family and congregation relationships through a shared journey.

Discover how recent archaeological discoveries continue to reaffirm the truth of the Bible. 

Develop a more Christ-like understanding of other cultures and religions.

See your church develop a hunger and thirst for God's Word as never before. 

Working with a Travel Agency

We handle all the details

We know a Clergy's time is valuable:  

The best way to save a pastor the time it takes to organize the details involved in leading a tour or cruise is to use a knowledgeable travel agent.   

What the Travel Agent's Role will be:  

~Arranging all travel accommodations and details for the program.  

~Creating all marketing and promotional material. 

~Organizing interest meetings, bible studies and other group events leading yo to the program.  

~Collecting all registrations, payments, passports and other necessary documentation.

~Making sure all travelers are prepared for what to expect on tour.  

What the Clergy's Role will be:  

~Spreading the excitement of a tour or cruise to the church, friends, and family!  

~Be the Spiritual leader during the program.  

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